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21 Best Online IT Degrees to Follow

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The average salary of an IT professional with a bachelor’s degree is about 82,000 $ annually. His expertise in the field can get him a salary of around 109,000 $ (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Therefore, an IT degree is the greatest weapon in the century. If a young person can afford a degree in the IT sector, he can get have a guarantee for a better job. Enroll in an IT online degree is the best and effective way of having an IT degree. You can enroll through any online tech school. Software engineering and Computer Science are the two main branches in the IT sector. Lots of online tech schools provide online software engineering degree and computer science degree.

New Trends in the IT Industry

Computer science is a branch in the IT sector, which you can easily follow through following an online program. When you are enrolling in an online bachelor degree program, you have to enroll in the best online bachelor degree program, which has higher recognition in the industry. There are lots of online tech schools now. But you have to find a well-recognized one. Computer science degree, Data Science degree, and Software Engineering degree have higher validity in the job market. Out of these major areas, Computer science degree has the highest validity in the industry. Therefore, enrolling in an online computer science degree in a tech school is the best thing you can do to start a career in the IT sector.

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How to Select the Best Online IT Degree?

Most of the degree programs in the IT sector has a duration of 4 years. Many professionals in the Information Technology industry have earned their degree through online tech schools. The syllabuses in these degree programs are designed to give higher knowledge to their students. Furthermore, this degree programs give higher exposure to fields like programming, web design, SEO analysis, and Database Administration. We are giving you the list of 21 best online IT degree to enroll. We used lots of sources to measure the credibility of the courses mentioned in the list. There are some universities that provide distant learning as well as residential learning. However, some of the universities work only as online tech schools.

List of Best 21 Online Tech Schools

With the COVID 19 outbreak, lots of institutes have started online degree programs. Therefore, distant learning has become a new trend in the education sector. When you enroll in an online degree program in a field like computer science or software engineering, it is essential to acknowledge the best online tech schools. The list of the 21 Best online IT degree is shown below.

1. Liberty University ( Lynchburg, Virginia)

This university is known as the most difficult university to enroll because of the higher competition among the candidates. This university operates as a private nonprofit institution. Liberty University established in 1971, and it is known as one of the prestigious Christian schools in the world. Liberty University offers a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, which is highly recognized in any country. This online degree gives expertise knowledge to students in Software engineering and Computer Science. After completing the degree, the graduate can easily find a job in the IT sector. The effort in the online learning program is towards C# Programming, digital imaging, and introduction to 3D graphics. Candidates should submit unofficial transcripts from their respective high schools (MInimum GPA of 2.0 needed for full admission). Emergency responders and active military personnel can have a discount on their tuition fees.

2. University of Illinois at Springfield ( Springfield, Illinois)

The University of Illinois offers 27 undergraduate degree programs. Out of all, it’s degree programs you can enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems fully online. This degree is outstanding compare to other degree programs. Comparing to other degree programs, it provides both managerial and technical skills. The course duration is 4 years for full-time students. Students can master in the fields like Data and Information Management and Enterprise Architecture through completing the online degree. Therefore, Students who are interested in Software engineering and computer science should engage in this course.

3. University of South Florida-Main Campus ( Tampa, Florida)

The University of South Florida offers 80 types of degrees. Also, the university offers lots of online degree programs for distant learners. Online Bachelor of Information Technology has a higher recognition in the IT sector. These online degrees provide theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge to the learner. However, Like other degree programs, the course duration is 4 years. If you are interested in Computer programming and online networks, you should enroll in this program. IT students have to maintain a 2.0 GPA throughout the course. Above all, Students can learn the best ethical practices throughout the course. Therefore, it is a side benefit of selecting this program.

4. Bellevue University ( Bellevue, Nebraska)

This university offers lots of degree programs on computer science and software engineering. The curriculum focus on fields like online networks, network security, and cloud computing. Above all, as a distant learner, you can join an online Bachelor of Information Technology degree, which focuses on the IT job market. As a distant learner, students can access to 24/7 technical support and also full-text library materials.

5. Murray State University (Murray, Kentucky)

Murray university is serving more than 10,400 students currently. The school offers more than 66 bachelor’s degrees with 97 different options. University works as an online tech school for distant learners. Bachelor of Science in Business is the best option for distant learners. The course focuses on Computer science and Software engineering. Even though it looks like a Business management degree, it gives exposure to the IT sector. Therefore, This program benefits a lot to professionals in the E-Business sector. However, Degree needs minimum of 2.0 GPA for graduation.

6. University of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio)

The University of Toledo was established in 1872. Above all, it has 23,000 student-base in the present. It offers several degrees to students to expertise in the IT sector. In addition to that, it offers lots of online degrees. Therefore, distant learners can have benefited from it. However, applicants must have a GPA of 2.25 in high school to admit here. UT graduates have a higher demand in the IT sector for jobs. However, all students have to submit official transcripts from their high school.

7. Dakota State University ( Madison, South Dakota)

Dakota University provides degree programs for positions as data analysts, web developers, and IT consultants and this university provides an opportunity for students to get their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree within 5 years. It offers special online degree programs to distant learners. All students must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA to graduation. Above all, there is a fast track program during their senior year.

8. Davenport University (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

There is an online degree in Computer Information Systems. At the above, Distant learners can earn a highly recognized degree here. However, a minimum of 3.0 GPA at high school needed for admission. Above all, you will be trained on high level problem solving cases.

9. George Masson University (Fairfax, Virginia)

This is a public research university. Even though, they offer an online IT degree can be completed through the internet. Online students are allowed to use E Library. However, Applicants should have a minimum of 3.0 GPA in high school.

10. National University, California

Online IT degrees can be completed in 4 years here. 2.0 is the minimum for admission, even though students can be admitted for probationary status. Above all, there is a scholarship program at this university and also distant learners can have the benefit of it. This university has a reputation for the best online computer science degree.

11. Georgia Southwestern State

This university is a public university. In the present, It has over 13,400 students. They allow students to enroll in an online degree program in the IT sector. In addition, distant learners get the opportunity to use online tutorials, writing coaching sessions and study guides, etc. However, students have to maintain a minimum of a C average for graduation.

12. Columbus State University ( Georgia)

Online learners can enroll in the degree program of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Above all distant learners can have the advice from advisors to develop personalized academic plans. Also, the degree program focuses on skills like creative thinking and critical problem-solving in business and information technology environments.

13. The University of West Florida ( Florida)

This university has a student base of 13,000 and also distant learners can enroll in an IT degree program very easily. However, applicants should have a GPA of at least 2.5. Students have to maintain C- or better for graduation. Above all, Military and veterans can receive active duty tuition assistance and counseling.

14. Saint Leo University ( Florida)

University provides lots of degrees in IT sector for distant learners. Above all, degree programs are designed to give exposure for programming and web design.

15. East Carolina University

East Carolina University provides facilities to distant learners to obtain a degree in Management Information Systems. However, students have to complete 45 semester hours and minimum C pass for graduation.

16. Wilmington University ( Delaware)

The university offers a flexible schedule for distant learners. In other words, they offer their courses starting every weeks. However, students have to submit official high school transcripts and also there are both English and maths tests to pass.

17. University of Maryland

Distant learners can earn a degree in Information Management Systems here. The full course duration is 4 years. Distant learners can learn how to create and manage larger secure Information systems.

18. Baker College (Michigan)

Applicants should submit ACT and SAT scores to enroll in an online degree program here. However, there is no limitation in GPA for admission. This university has a higher reputation for the Online Software engineering degree program.

19. Western Kentucky University

If you are interested in Computer Networking, Programming and database administration, there are lots of degree programs in here for you. Above all, they facilitate distant learning for degree programs in Information Technology.

20. Florida State College at Jacksonville

The aim of the online IT degree programs is to provide students not only technical IT skills but also to provide strong leadership skills and effective communication skills.

21. St Petersburg College (Florida)

The online IT degree program is designed to provide both practical technical skills and management skills to the students. Distant learners can complete their coursework fully online or in a hybrid way. Best choice for learning Software development and network and computer systems.

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